Unique opportunity to capitalize on Global Distressed debt & Special situations market
Strong Value Creation
  • Portfolio acquisitions from financial institutions through leadership’s network
  • Diversified portfolio risk from multiple jurisdictions and underlying assets
  • Focus on non-standard transactions in Global markets to create superior returns
Our Experience
We See Opportunity
Expecting Growth
in 2020-2022
Covid-19 & «Oil Wars» changed the Market capacity for years
Banks are Sellers
Attractive risk-returns with significant down-side protection
Market Place
Asset class where only a selected investors have access
Value Creation
Managers have the significant track record, reputation and relationships required for access

Assets Under Management
Total Assets over $328 M
Real Estate Portfolio
  • Founded at 2015
  • Over 10 significant estate objects with area over 71 000 square meters
  • Assets Value over $253 M
  • Founded at 2000
  • More than 450 Pawnshops in 60 Subjects of Russia
  • Assets Value over $74 M
Micro Financial Company
  • Founded at 2019
  • Assets Value over $1 M
  • PDL / Installment Loans
Total financial business assets over $75 M
Turnover per 2019 over $140 M
Investment Value / Transaction Amount

$10-100 M

Main Investments Focus

Real Estate secured NPLs, Distressed RE Assets, Squatted Property, Land Plots, Property Under Construction / Unfinished

Institutional Investor

Diversified conglomerate of LLCs

Distressed Public market Assets & Special situations investments

Founder and Beneficiary

Alexander Smirnov


UK, Cyprus, BVI

Financial Business

Pawnshop, Micro Financial Company, Financial Supermarket


Real Estate Portfolio


Over 10 significant estate objects with area over 71 000 square meters
  • Over 71 000 square meters in private property
  • Occupancy rate
    over 95%
  • The biggest deal in Co-working business in Russia