Unique opportunity to capitalize on Global Distressed debt & Special situations market
Strong Value Creation
  • Portfolio acquisitions from financial institutions through leadership’s network
  • Diversified portfolio risk from multiple jurisdictions and underlying assets
  • Focus on non-standard transactions in Global markets to create superior returns
Our Experience
We See Opportunity
Expecting Growth
in 2020-2022
Covid-19 & «Oil Wars» changed the Market capacity for years
Banks are Sellers
Attractive risk-returns with significant down-side protection
Market Place
Asset class where only a selected investors have access
Value Creation
Managers have the significant track record, reputation and relationships required for access

Assets Under Management
Total Assets over $328 M
Real Estate Portfolio
  • Founded at 2015
  • Over 10 significant estate objects with area over 71 000 square meters
  • Assets Value over $253 M
Investment Value / Transaction Amount

$10-100 M

Main Investments Focus

Real Estate secured NPLs, Distressed RE Assets, Squatted Property, Land Plots, Property Under Construction / Unfinished

Institutional Investor

Diversified conglomerate of LLCs

Distressed Public market Assets & Special situations investments

Founder and Beneficiary

Alexander Smirnov


UK, Cyprus, BVI

Real Estate Portfolio


Over 10 significant estate objects with area over 71 000 square meters
  • Over 71 000 square meters in private property
  • Occupancy rate
    over 95%
  • The biggest deal in Co-working business in Russia